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Liquid Vodka

Liquid Vodka is a clean, smooth, internationally award-winning vodka. As the most affordable hand crafted Oregon vodka, Liquid Vodka can stand on its own but at the value price you won't feel guilty adding your preferred mixture.

Produced with the highest quality midwest grains and pure, local Oregon water, Liquid Vodka is filtered 10 times through four separate charcoal filters. The end result is a smooth clean vodka with a slightly sweet end note.

In 2007, Liquid Vodka was awarded a bronze medal at the San Francisco World Spirits competition and a silver medal at the International Spirits competition in London. Liquid Vodka was also rated "Highly Recommended" by the Beverage Tasting Institute with a rating of 89.

Make sure your bar is stocked with Liquid Vodka - perfect for everyday and special festivities. Request Liquid Vodka at your local Oregon and Washington liquor store.